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When water damage occurs in can be extensive, devastating in some cases. Your basement might flood, valuable items might be damaged, and the structure of your home might even be compromised. When this happens it is best to call the professionals. For residents of Glen Head, NY, Victory Restoration & Cleaning provides affordable and efficient water damage restoration service. We will come to your home, inspect the damage, and create a restoration plan to get your home back to living conditions.

Water damage can be caused by many different things. Below are a few of the most common issues.

• Toilet Clogging or Overflowing—Toilets that clog or overflow can cause a fair amount of damage to your home. The average cost is usually in excess of $5,000, deductible not included. Toilet clogs and overflows can be prevented though since their signs are very hard to miss. If the water keeps rising after it is flushed then something is clogging the drain. This can be resolved with a plunger.

• General Plumbing Issues—Another problem that can cost more than $5,000 is a general issue with the plumbing. Symptoms of faulty plumbing include rust stains around the pipes, soil that is damp or wet outside the house and around the foundation, and random noises from within the pipes. Most of these issues occur in the winter after the pipes have started to freeze.

• Washing Machine Failure—Another common issue, a washing machine that fails can cost around $5,300 in damage. The biggest issue that occurs is when the hoses explode; and because a tremendous amount of water travels through theses hoses the damage can be quite extensive.

For water damage restoration in Glen Head, NY, hire the team at Victory Restoration & Cleaning.

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