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Mold is disgusting. It is a health hazard to everyone who lives in or visits your home. Mold is also somewhat tricky to locate. Mold can grow anywhere: inside the walls, under your carpets, in the corners of you ceiling, or even in the nook of your attic or basement. When you think you have discovered mold it is important to call a professional immediately for mold removal. Residents of Glen Head, NY can get in touch with Victory Restoration & Cleaning for immediate mold removal service.

Many people wonder how they can clean away areas of mold in their home. Below are some of the steps that we take.

• Locate Moisture—Mold is caused by moisture, so it is important to locate and fix any sources of excess moisture in your house.

• Discard and Clean—Porous materials that have been heavily damaged should be discarded and replaced. Any non-porous surfaces or porous objects that cannot be removed from your home must be cleaned using a soap-detergent solution. Those areas should also be disinfected. When we perform mold removal it is critical that we remove all visible mold growth.

• Minimize—We minimize the amount of dust and debris that gets tossed around when removing moldy drywall or other materials. We also do not scrape or sand surfaces that have been contaminated by mold.

• Bag Correctly—Any materials that have been damaged by water and any debris must be double-bagged, sealed, and the bag must be wiped clean before it is removed. This prevents mold spores from spreading.

• Ventilate—Ventilate properly when cleaning.

Mold can be a problem, but with Victory Restoration & Cleaning’s mold removal service it will be a thing of the past. For mold removal in Glen Head, NY give us a ring.

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